Reopen your Restaurant/Bar Safely

Reopening Your Restaurant Safely

Reopen Safely

What you need to know to open your restaurant safely

A Step-by-Step Playbook for Reopening Your Restaurant

We found this helpful guide to reopen your restaurant. Please share with your colleagues.

Follow these tips from the National Restaurant Association when it's time to get back to business.

Consider your employees

Let your staff know that if they don’t comply, they won’t have a job, you won’t have a business. It’s for everyone’s safety, security and future that all employees from chefs, kitchen help, reception to servers, busing - all MUST comply with sanitation rules.

Now is the time to ramp up your Managerial hat on and insist on their own safety when meeting people and handling food. Hand washing, face masks are a priority for their health. Demonstrate how to wash hands and how to dry them as well. Sanitation of ALL surfaces, menus, salt and pepper shakers, table items, vases, candles, etc. must be sanitized frequently between customers. There can be NO slacking in any of these areas.

A fully trained, certified food safety restaurant manager must be on staff at all times, all shifts. 

Employees must be well. Check their temperature, look after their welfare. The sick cannot be serving the sick.

Make Sure Your Operation Policy is Updated

Make sure your new operating policies are in writing and are up to date including operating procedures in accordance with the latest FDA, CDC, and EPA guidance, and in accordance with your local and state officials’ guidelines. 

Review your Floor Plan Inside and Outside for Social Distancing

Keep your employees and staff safe.

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