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Grand Reopening of America

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Open America Again! Look for the Survived™ Symbol of Integrity branding on store windows, wristbands, arenas, theatres, hospitals, wedding venues, healthcare offices everywhere. Feel safe.

Survived, LLC products DO NOT claim the business is virus-free; but instead, business owners are conscientiously and ethically sanitizing their business using the CDC guidelines. 

Survived was created by two siblings of 10. The site is dedicated to George and Patricia Bakey who reared their kids to be altruistic and to give back. Every night at dinner we were encouraged to share our AOK for the day. In our house, that meant: Act of Kindness!

This is a community effort to restore our solvent economy, to reduce unemployment, and to make sure our fellow citizens are fed and healthy. A portion of our proceeds are going to help children and seniors:

If you are in the travel, hospitality, restaurant, bar, healthcare, boutique, small business arena, the Survived™ brand will signal to your customers that you are a conscientious business owner following the CDC recommendations for sanitization on a daily basis.

If you are an individual looking for other individuals who have either lost a loved one to COVID-19 or are in support of reopening the country, this site if for you.

Survived™ is the national authority on reopening America safely.

To Open or Not to Open?

We have deployed an idea to lead the way to reopen America in the aftermath of flattening the curve. It’s a peace of mind strategy for both businesses and the public.

CEOs are anxious about opening and worried about not opening. Protecting their employees, keeping their customers safe, and protecting their bottom line has become a daily trepidation for business owners.

Looking after their sales reps, who cannot safely travel, network, attend annual conventions, events, monthly meetings with colleagues, are among the other CEO concerns. This has been paralyzing since the Coronavirus hit the United States (and internationally).

Tell us your story!
Share it with colleagues.
Get advice on re-opening strategies.
Learn how to socialize again.

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Open your business or socialize again with confidence.


Can we trust the parking attendant, the restaurateur, the food handler, the bartender, your new business prospect, your client, your BEST friend, or your family member? The trust factor worries us as business owners, and we are hearing from our colleagues that others are impacted by this same fear.

Online meetings have provided an amazing stopgap, but they can’t replicate a face to face experience.

Social distancing and masks are the new normal, but will those measures be enough to make people feel safe, secure, and social when we venture away from our virtual offices?


Four Stress-free Solutions:

A Survived™ Window Cling for your front Window, Restrooms, Fitness Center, Wedding Venue, Lounge, Bar, Lawn Sign, Wrist Band, Ring or Licensing (t-shirts, caps, sanitizer dispensers,  masks, etc.)

Window Cling

Window Cling

A Survived™ Window Cling, declares that your business is open and welcomes your customers back. It’s a symbol that you have daily self-authenticated the cleanliness of your business by deploying the CDC recommendations and removing any traces of contamination.

Wristlet or Ring


A blue Survived™ Wrist Band or Ring signals you are a supporter of the first responders or conscientious business owners who sanitize their business or a black band that lets folks know you are mourning the sudden loss of a loved one.

Trust Us

We Survived™ growing up in a family with nine siblings. We survived blizzards, wind storms, sickness, death, tragedies, life, education; we risked our lives to serve others; we worked in essential jobs that made others' lives bearable.

As a closing note, thank you to George and Patricia Bakey from Collingswood, New Jersey for motivating, loving, and encouraging us daily so that we could achieve anything with the help of God.

Join the Survived™️ Community on FB, Instagram, our Blog, and YouTube! Open your business or socialize again with confidence.

Tell us your story! Share it with colleagues. Get advice on re-opening strategies. Learn how to socialize again.




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