Need reopening tips for your health club, gym, multi-family space, school, college, government agency, corporate offices, hospitality and medical spaces post COVID-19?

Here’s a great portal that discusses everything from finances to health, safety, operations, staffing, exercise. It’s a great resource specifically for gyms.

Here’s another link for cleaning and safety that includes tips for social distancing,

18 safety considerations for your health club reopening plan, cleaning disinfecting, risk assessment tools. 

In the process of researching some information to our readers, I found a company: that does nationwide disinfecting and cleaning services for gyms, multi-family living spaces, education, government, corporate, hospitality and medical spaces.

What attracted me to their website was a comment that read: “…don’t use the wrong kind of wipes and cleaners that could permanently damage your fitness equipment”. We have no relationship with this company

Reopening tips for gyms, schools, colleges, multi-family space, medical spaces, government agency, corporate offices, hospitality

but found their article to be interesting. So much so, that I picked up the phone and called them. This is what I discovered: pleasant, informative and very busy. Their phone number is: (240) 660-4227. 

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