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ASHRAE Reopening Tips for Welcoming your Staff


We felt it was important to share THE bible for building owners for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning and particularly the safety of employees. Excellent information here. 

ASHRAE’s recommendations can also be found on the COVID-19 Resources webpage. Their advice includes the following plans for employee re-entry, to reopen the building, that the opening takes place while PPE requirements are still i place, reviewing HVAC flushing before and after occupancies, ensuring custodial work including proper clean procedures from EPA and CDC guidance on approved products and methods:

Disinfect high-touch areas of HVAC and other building service systems (e.g. on/off switches, thermostats)

Disinfect the interior of refrigerated devices, e.g. refrigerators, where the virus can potentially survive for long periods of time Run the system on minimum outside air when unoccupied. Garage exhaust, if any, should run two hours before occupancy.

Read more on their site.


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